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About Sanctuary Pottery Studio

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Founding Members:  Matt and Jen Shobak, Mary Spackman, Teresa Ralph, Colleen Hilton, Kim McAtee, Sarah Schoonover, Chris Kost, Renee Gittleson, Carrie Merrill, Cyndy Canfield, Catherine Monhollen, Dandee Pattee and Archie

The Clay studio is more than four walls, a couple of kilns, and a few wheels.  The clay studio is us." -Chris

Our History

The studio began with a group of incredibly dedicated founding members who shared a desire for a quiet place to learn, share and teach ideas about making pottery.  We found our home at the old Roosevelt High School in Casper, Wyoming.


Memberships are for people who have a working knowledge of clay and its process. Our beginning pottery class will prepare you for independent projects. 

We have membership options, please see the memberships tab for more information.

Member quotes: 

"When I'm at the clay studio, I get inspired by the work of the other students and members.  I join in celebrating their triumphs, and share their misery when the pottery gods frown upon their creations.  I learn from their success and teach others from my failures.  I meet their mothers, their grandkids, their spouses, their dogs.


The Clay studio is more than four walls, a couple of kilns, and a few wheels.


The clay studio is us." -Chris

Member quotes: 

"The number one way the studio has expanded my creative process is by teaching me to 'be committed to the process without being emotionally attached to the results.' I LOVE the process!" -Colleen

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer Casper a place where anyone in the community can find friendship in a space where people can freely share ideas, support one another and grow our pottery making skills.

We hope you will join us!

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