What Class Should You Take?

You've never touched clay or its been a while: Handbuilding or Wheel I&II

We suggest taking Wheel I, two or three times and move into the advanced courses once you feel confident.  

Classes at Sanctuary Pottery Studio

  • Enroll online or call to register.  Please call at least two days in advance, 307-262-9103.

  • You will want to wear old clothes.  We provide aprons, towels and tools but you are welcome to bring your own! 


  • Armed Service Veterans Coupon Code:  Veterans307


  • All classes have a materials fee of $33 credit/$31.50 cash paid on the first day of class.  The fee covers 25 lbs of clay, all firings and glazes. 


  • Class Cancellation Policy:  You may get a full refund with 48 hours notice before the class starts. You may also get a credit.  


  • Make-up sessions are left to the discretion of the instructor.  


  • You will get better if you practice between sessions! All students may use the studio during Practice Time Hours, unless there is a class in session. If there is a wheel available, you're welcome to use it.